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It stands for Near Field Communication and defines a chip, which enables the “mobile phone” to communicate in short-range safely and instantaneously, and enriched with NFC tags, labels that act as a tool to access to content and information.

How can you optimize it?

All the latest smartphone (except IPhone, which adopts this technology only for payments and with a “close” program) include NFC technology.

The most common purpose is to make micro payments directly form the phone: if you subscribe to the service with your own bank and you are near a compatible POS, you just need to swipe the smartphone to the sensible area and it will make the money transfer virtually, safely and instantaneously.

With NFC tags, two devices can communicate to each other, exchange information and files, contacts and multimedia contents, by simply placing them close to each other.

How does it work?

To start certain functions, for example, to activate the speakerphone in your car or set the alarm on the bedside table, you just need to place the smartphone close to a label (that has been previously set up). You can also instantly synchronize it with accessories such as headphones or speakers by simply placing near the phone.

The best apps for tag programming are Trigger and NFC Smart Q that are available for all operating systems.

Which app tu use?

With InstaWifi, which is free, you can share home or office Wi-Fi connection via NFC with no password. With NFC TagInfo you instantly see what information is contained inside the labels/tags.

For Automotive?

It is possible, placing the smartphone close to the label that contains the tag, to automatically turn on your Bluetooth and disconnect it when living the car, change ring tone, or increase or decrease the ringer volume, call the phone number in case of emergency, consult the instruction car book on your terminal, look for the nearest service point, etc…


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