We design smart, effective solutions for your ideas and create a high quality product

Production process

Digital printing, screen printing, 3D Silver Lux and resin printing are the production processes we use each day to breathe life into top quality, efficient products. Add to this our state-of-the-art machinery and the daily commitment of our highly specialised human resources. All of these elements are engaged on a day-to-day basis here at Saggio Srl to meet the Customer’s every requirement.

Digital printing
The evolution of the markets and the needs to speed up processes and customise products have pushed us to invest in new, unique technologies. We rely on partners of international prestige such as Durst and Roland to achieve an extremely high quality of printing on all rigid and flexible supports, engaging UV and EcoSol inks to guarantee excellence and resistance in a wide range of requirements and applications.

Screen printing
Our 30 year long experience in the professional graphics printing sector has led us to continually invest in state-of-the-art machinery in order to offer products of an extremely high quality. Today, our company’s high-tech machinery park includes semi-automatic machines and automatic machines, including one with 4 stations, die board, hot pressing and waste management for the production of reeled labels.

3D Silver Lux printing
In our continuous quest for innovative materials and the most modern printing techniques, we have created a unique, exclusive technology that is capable of reproducing the Customer’s imagination in 3D form. Using a synthetic process, which displays versatility both in terms of its size and choice of finish, we create stunning original three-dimensional labels that make any brand, on any product, into something truly unique.

Resin printing
Again, as part of our quest for continuous improvement, we have developed a printing technique based on resin - a surface treatment that can be applied in any form, size or colour. On one hand, resin protects the sticker or label from the weather and abrasions. On the other, it creates a lenticular effect, enhancing the design and its colours, and highlighting and enhancing the logo.